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Protecting Your Relationship From Verbal Violence

Pineapple! How to protect your relationship from verbal violence with ‘Time Out.’  How often do you let rip, hurl your righteous indignation at your partner, yell and spit, and carry on, & feel momentarily, cheaply gratified, only to be left with a hang over of self reproach, corroded self respect & maybe even a dose of toxic shame. Not to mention something else to apologise for.  We are all vulnerable to this, it’s all too human, but it sucks. It’s a personal vulnerability, one I’m not proud of, and one I had to put work into, to put to a firm stop, before it seriously harmed my relationship. When [...]

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Spring Time Tidy-Up: You and Your Relationship

Spring has long been a literal and metaphoric season for love.  The natural rhythms of our planet are designed to emerge from winter hibernations into new growth and life across the plant and animal worlds.  It’s certainly a great time for couples, whatever stage of your relationship, to reflect and refresh, cleaning up any unhealthy habits.  This spring season, why not prioritise these two essential relationship tidy-ups.  Two Essential Tidy-ups Tip 1 Couples Contracts: Where are we Now and Next?   Rather than making considered, conscious, and regarded decisions about their relationship, couples can sometimes slide into their relationship milestones; like moving into together, having kids or purchasing a [...]

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The Intimacy of Our Parts: Discovering a Whole Self

I have been contemplating what it is to be human and how we show up in the world wearing different “masks” (parts), depending on the situation and how the past has impacted us either directly or indirectly. Through my own personal journey, trainings and working with clients I know that we are made up of many parts, and that it is possible to find some resolve and peace as we start to get to know the different parts of ourselves. This is not an easy process and at times and can be challenging, painful and uncomfortable. The gift of knowing ourselves a little more intimately is like a precious [...]

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Love and the Corona Virus: Tips For Your Relationship

It’s unusual times, there is no doubt about that.  Many couples and families are ‘isolating’ as a result of the imposed strategies of COVID-19.  This can be nectar and ‘turn up the volume’ on closeness, connection and care, as couples and families lean into each other for comfort and protection.  Sadly though, one of the symptoms of the COVID-19 on couples can also be relationship tension and distress.  Particularly when there have been underlying relationship issues, mental health or other epidemic stressors like financial hardship or parenting. If you are coupled it could be important to have some simple reminders and tools on how to navigate these times and [...]

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Valentine’s Day: To Do or Not Do?

Ahhh Valentine’s day!  Here I am typing towards the end of another one and I’m left with an old familiar feeling of – to do or not to do?  I have to admit, I’m generally not a big fan.  Every year the date roll’s around and every year I rub up against this tension.  Of course, as a hopeless romantic, there’s a part of me that loves the idea of a special day for lovers and can immerse myself in the idealised fantasy of romantic love.  Bliss! Yet the cynic in me struggles with the cheeseball, commercialised aspects of the day that have been vandalised in our modern culture. [...]

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Conscious Self Care: A Pathway to Better Love

A Tick-List Guide to Stress It’s been a while since I’ve written. That’s a reflection, mostly, around how busy my life has been.  A pretty familiar story I would suggest for many of us.  Kids, partner, work, mess, backyard, bins…life… the usual suspects. As I approach having some time off for the school holidays I find myself in a kind of mania.  It’s like I need to have everything ‘ticked off’ to feel like “now I can relax”.  Of course, the list seems endless and my usual modus operandi is to override my bodies signals to ‘rest up’.  You can imagine this usually never ends well in terms of [...]

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