Hi, I’m Jennifer Lalor,

I’m an American-Australian woman who has called the Byron Shire home for over two decades. 

I believe we all exist on a continuum of mental health and that we have an inherent ability to be self-healing. Sometimes we just need a little trained support to create the optimal conditions to recover our wellness.

About Jennifer:

As a psychotherapist, coach and councilor I’ve been supporting my clients for 28 years, compassionately bearing witness to their suffering and guiding them as they discover pathways for healing and growth.

Like many of my colleagues, my path as a psychotherapist began with grappling with my own painful life circumstances.  Through this first hand experience, I understand and value the support, relief and transformation that can come from engaging with the therapeutic process over time – especially with a therapist who is a ‘good fit.’

I am dedicated to embodying deep presence and attuned listening in the therapy room. My therapeutic approach is integrative so that I’m well placed to meet the unique needs of my individual clients.  As a therapist, I draw on my extensive experience in Somatic (body-oriented) psychotherapy.  I am also trained in Schema Therapy, CBT, Expressive Arts Therapy and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapy (EMDR). 

I work with adults 18+ and can offer support for:  anxiety, depression, addictions, trauma, post-traumatic stress, loss & bereavement, personality disorders, issues of self-esteem, problems at work (including peer/boss relationships), stress management and burnout. 

I completed a Master of Mental Health in Psychotherapy through the University of Queensland and have undertaken an extensive clinical placement on an inpatient mental health ward in the Northern Rivers Local Health District, providing patients with group and individual therapy.  I am a registered psychotherapist through the Psychotherapy and Counseling Federation of Australia (PACFA) and adhere to the ethics and practice standards set forth for my profession.  I am also an accredited Somatic & movement therapist and educator registered with the International Somatic Movement Education & Therapy Association.

In addition to my private practice at Thrive, I am a primary therapist at The Bay Retreats Private Rehab and Mental Health Treatment Centre and a seasoned leadership coach and organisational development facilitator. I completed a post graduate certificate in business leadership from Curtin University and have worked with hundreds of leaders globally in small and large organisations, helping them grow their relationships at work to develop self, team and executive leadership. I have a keen clinical interest in mental health at work and the prevention and treatment of occupational burnout – especially within our health and education systems. 

Please visit my website for more information or contact me on my mobile to schedule a short chat to see if we’d be a good fit working together. 

I am currently at Thrive on Monday, Tuesday & Thursdays 

Contact Jennifer

phone 0438 982 347
website www.jenniferlalortherapy.com

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Session Fee’s

Session fees: $140 per 60 min

Please contact me for information on Leadership & Executive Coaching Fees

What Clients Say

“Jennifer’s expertise in somatic coaching helped me become more aware of some of my habitual tendencies which get in the way of expressing my unique gifts in the world. Her gentle ‘pointing out’ and encouragement felt supportive and respectful. I have benefited greatly from her insights and perspectives. Jennifer’s warmth and generosity in listening and being present with others invites people to step up into their potential.”


“Through my sessions with you my perception of myself has powerfully shifted. I am proud to say that I am finding the courage to rest in my truth and extend my gifts into the world again and again. I feel like I am ‘growing into my skin’.”


“Jennifer’s presence is deeply accepting and caring, her skill outstanding. Her sessions have been such a welcome safe haven for my unfolding.”


“I had such moving experiences with you that I had not had at any time before.  It is important for me to have had those experiences and to know what truly being in my body can feel like.  I have a deep appreciation for what you were able to lead me to. Thank you.”