The Relationship Specialists

Across a lifespan, we are dependent on relationships.   We know that healthy, thriving relationships sustain us and nurture our wellbeing.

THRIVE Mullumbimby, is a leading health clinic, specialising in relationships. THRIVE clinic is made up of a collaboration of highly experienced local practitioners, educators and clinicians all leaders in their field. Our vision is to sustain strong communities through supporting clients in their most significant life relationships; whether with ourselves, in the workplace, within families, across communities or during separation. THRIVE’s aim is to provide a range of health, wellness and educations services to:

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Our Clinic – A Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion 

Care Begins with recognising our differences… At Thrive Clinic we value diversity and inclusion and we are committed to supporting relationships, families, communities and individuals regardless of colour, gender, religion or sexual orientation. Our commitment has included proudly becoming a member of the ‘Welcome Here Project’ with ACON. This membership helps guide Thrive clinic, and the practitioners collaborating with us, to celebrate the diversity of our clients and to continue to improve our professional practices in offering an inclusive and supportive space for all. Find out more ABOUT US here

Upcoming Events

A meeting point for community and professionals, Thrive offers workshops and training across a range of well-being and health topics. All from our beautiful group space.

Currently there are no groups running at Thrive Clinic due to COVID-19 Restrictions.

Practitioners @ Thrive 

 Looking for support? Thrive collaborates with a number of professionals passionate about relationships.

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