Hello, I’m Thirak,

I’m a mother, wife and registered counsellor with multiple qualifications and 21 years of experience in the personal development, therapy and mindfulness fields. Every challenge, heartbreak, and struggle are doorways to remembering who we truly are. I embody my work, and it’s the greatest privilege of my life to be supporting people through a compassionate and safe process, to reconnect to their inner guidance and experience aliveness, passion and fulfilment in life. 

About Thirak:

I’m highly experienced in supporting couples, individuals, and women’s wellness, life transitions, parenting, anxiety, body image, and disordered eating, through a somatic, trauma-informed, and holistic therapeutic approach that combines counselling, essence work, and mindfulness.
My professional journey in counselling began with undergraduate qualifications in Psychology (BA) and Law (BS), followed by diploma qualifications in Gestalt therapy. I have also completed additional training in Holistic Counselling, Essence work and the Working with People approach. 
To maintain my ongoing professional development, I work with a highly experienced professional supervisor and through my love of continuing education, I continuously hone my self-development and skills. This ensures that I bring the utmost care, expertise, and professionalism to work with you. 
In addition to my counselling practice, I serve in a leadership role and as a Senior Facilitator for Path Retreats. These group processes, such as the renowned Path of Love retreat, have operated in fifteen countries for over twenty-five years, offering profound transformation and healing. Furthermore, I facilitate workshops called Mother Medicine, providing an empowering rite of passage for mothers.
My personal journey includes overcoming an eating disorder, which ignited a deep passion within me to support individuals struggling with disordered eating and body image issues. I understand first-hand the pain and challenges associated with these experiences.  As a wife and mother, I understand the complexities of navigating relationships while fulfilling parenting responsibilities. The inevitable feelings of being overwhelmed, exhausted, depleted, angry, and guilty can strain our capacity to be loving and present with our children, partners, and ourselves. 
As a skilled professional, I support you to find your unique approach to parenting while improving the quality of your relationship. This, in turn, can profoundly influence how you live your life and create a harmonious family dynamic.
I view the counselling journey as a path to rediscover who we truly are and unlock our true potential. Together, we will explore the depths of your being, uncover the root causes of your struggles, and pave the way for lasting healing and personal growth.
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phone 0491 154 567
website thirakrochin.com

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Session Fee’s
Individual -$150.00
Couples – $180.00
What Clients Say

“I’m both a professional in the field of therapy and counseling and a passionate seeker. For many years I’ve been receiving sessions for personal reasons and for my training by different kinds of therapists. I particularly appreciated the sessions with Thirak because I felt her capacity to hold the depth of the experience unfolding, understand it and navigate with respect, tenderness and power at the same time. This created the feeling of being truly seen and held which has been very healing for me.”

P. Andreassi Medical Doctor

“I had a lot of work to do on myself, a lot of past trauma to clear and Thirak guided me through this magically – She is kind and compassionate but also a little fiery which was such a great balance as she managed to pull that out in me when I needed her too. The space she created for me was solid, safe and open, so with her guidance I felt free to release whatever came up and I made some pretty life-changing shifts. If you are thinking of working with her….stop thinking and just do it, it might just be the best thing you could ever do for yourself”

Vanessa Main

“Thirak caught me when I was in a really dark phase of my life and with her skillful presence, knowing, love, patience, and deep trust she showed me, that with acceptance there’s nothing I can’t go through.  She taught me to stay with what was there, good and bad, making no distinction. I learned from Thirak how to process, I learned to trust my body. Every state of mine was always welcome in her presence and that state of a complete absence of judgment was a deep relief for me. I feel profound gratitude for her work, for me, she is  a real zen counselor.”

Shama Sati