Thrive Clinic Mullumbimby Practitioner Joanne Walker

Hi, I’m Joanne Walker,

I specialise in trauma, addiction, family violence, children and adolescents.

I am a mother of 4, a gestalt therapist and a woman. I have been working as a gestalt psychotherapist both privately and in community and organisational settings for the past 8 years, yet it is my humanity that allows me to meet my clients with the deep presence, respect and care required for powerful change to take place.

About Joanne:

I believe that people are inherently oriented towards healing and growth and that our struggles occur when parts of ourselves become lost in some way due to trauma and difficulty. As such my goal in any therapeutic exchange is not to discover what’s wrong with you and to fix it, but to find the deepest and most lost parts and support them to be rediscovered, re-known and re-owned. This process includes not only our minds but also our bodies as trauma is always stored in the body, and leads to connection to self, to other, and to community.

In my work as a gestalt counsellor and psychotherapist I have practiced in a variety of settings both in Melbourne and more recently here in Northern NSW.

I have spent many years working with people effected by complex, relational and intergenerational trauma in the out-of-home-care sector. This included working with children, adolescents, parents, families, schools and other professionals within a stressed and traumatised system providing support, training and direct therapeutic services.

In addition to my work at Thrive I currently work as a Primary Therapist at Byron Private Rehab and Mental Health Retreat. In this role I run therapeutic groups and provide individual therapy to people struggling with addictions, PTSD, anxiety, depression and other mental health difficulties.

I completed Gestalt Psychotherapy training at Gestalt Therapy Australia in Melbourne, followed by a Masters of Gestalt at Gestalt Therapy Brisbane. I am a clinical member of PACFA, have a current working with children’s check and police check.

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phone 0428 635 112

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    Session Fee’s

    All session fees: $130

    What Clients Say

    “Words feel limited to express my gratitude and fortune in having you be such an integral part of my growth and experience of new possibilities…….With your strength, grace, wisdom, courage and beauty, I have gained a sense of safeness and belonging back into the world. You gently reminded me that I can open my eyes and my heart to know that I can once again be the person I wanted to be as a child, free and able to be strong. Thankyou”