Hello, I’m Michaela.

I am a mother and a grandmother, a woman traversing mid-life.

For the last 15 years, I’ve been supporting Adult individuals and couples as a psychologist.

I offer help for: Addictions (substance and process), Anger, Anxiety, Assertiveness, Complex PTSD, Divorce and Separation, Depression, Family/Intimate Partner Violence, Food/Body related issues, Grief and Loss (Death and other), Life Transitions, Parenting and Co-parenting, Relationship Issues (Intimate and other), Incest, Sexual Abuse, Sexual Health/Sexuality, Shame, Stress, Trauma.

My Approach

B.Ed (Primary), M.Ed, G.Dip.Psych, B.Soc.Science (Psych Hons)

The care I show in my work arises from a deep curiosity around what it means to be human as well as the ways that the unconscious reveals itself in others and in myself. From my years of practice, I’ve developed a trust in the psyche’s capacity to move towards wholeness if given the right conditions. In this context, I believe that regardless of what intervention I use as a practitioner, it is the co-created space of the therapeutic relationship that provides the crucible for change. As such, my approach necessitates me showing up as a fellow human walking beside rather than ahead of those I work with. Acting as a guide rather than an “expert”, I aim to “be with” rather than “do to”.

Broadly, this standpoint demands of me that I not only engage in regular professional supervision but that I maintain a strong commitment to my own personal work.

 My approach is homeopathic (paradoxical), client-centred and systemic. I  encourage a befriending and respectful observance of “symptoms” and problems, a “going with” rather than a fighting against. Instead of setting the agenda, I privilege your choices and support you in taking responsibility for those choices. 

Using a systemic and relational lens, I also appreciate the unique context of your life; and thus, support you in exploring how your relationship with self, others and the world may be impacting your well-being and overall satisfaction with life.

My approach emphasises the importance of helping you to build trust in your  capacity to manage and regulate all of your emotions especially in the face of life’s uncertainties. This is developed, I believe, by getting “good at feeling” instead of the relentless pursuit of happiness and “feeling good”.

At this place and at this time on the planet, my offering is to be an unflinching and compassionate witness to whatever you are experiencing.

Contact Michaela

phone 0414800697

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Session Fee’s

Full fee: $170 per 60 mins.
Couples: $200 per 75 mins.
Sand Tray Session: $220 per 90 mins
Professional Supervision: $160 per 60 mins.

What Clients Say

“Michaela consistently offered her respect, feeling, care, compassion and patience in a way that strengthened my own.  With her support I found courage and safe passage to a place where deep grief is now balanced with a soft lingering joy of living.”