Thrive Clinic understand the importance of being able to refer easily to any of the professionals collaborating with us.

Whether in the medical or allied health professions, it’s essential to have streamlined referral pathways that support your client(s) into accessing the relationship or family support that they need. That’s why we provide three referral options for you and your practice:

Referral Options:

Option one: Meet the Team or Find an Event

If you have a soft referral, you may want to take the time to meet the collaborating practitioners or find out more about our upcoming events. This may support you in matching the right person with you’re clients needs or enrolling them in a upcoming training or group. You can forward this information including contact details straight to your client

Option two: Referral Form

For warm referrals we invite you to complete our referral and intake form. This form gives us some specific details around your clients needs and goes directly to the Clinic Director Sean Tonnet. An assessment will be made from this information supporting your clients best fit service entry and intake. Of course, we will collaborate with you to ensure certainty in your referral request.

Click to fill out Referral Form

Option three: Contact and Discuss with Clinic Director

At anytime, and in particular for urgent referrals, you can contact the Clinic Director:

Sean Tonnet

Address: Thrive Clinic, 138 Dalley St, Mullumbimby
Phone: 0415 919 123

Sean has over 30 years working in community services and the clinical expertise to support you and your client with the right referral option. Sean understands the importance of getting the right support and has an extensive network with local mental health practitioners and health professionals across the region.

Thrive Clinic Mullumbimby Health Referrals

General Contact form

    What Clients Say

    “Sean, I really can’t thank you enough for the space you hold for me. I feel safe, I feel vulnerable, I feel challenged, I feel hopeful and most of all, I feel ready. You are a very special human being and I’m grateful for being guided towards you.”

    S.R, Therapist: Sean Tonnet

    “My sessions with Sean have offered me a sense of being deeply met in a safe environment. My capacity to experiment with new behaviours and choices has broadened, as has my ability to discover and action tools of support unique to me and my needs”

    K.L.D, Therapist: Sean Tonnet

    “Although I have been working on myself for around 30 years, having grown up with profound neglect and abuse , Deb helped me get to the heart of some of my deepest core issues that were preventing me from being my authentic, true, happy, healthy and whole self…So many things have shifted inwardly and outwardly whilst working with her. Deb does not miss a thing -Her empathy, loving guidance and insight have helped me shift so many old beliefs, fears and blocks that were preventing me from the life that I truly desire.She is a master at her craft. And my gratitude to her is immeasurable, Thankyou Angel.”

    Therapist: Sean Tonnet

    “Happy to finally have a plan in place that we both agree on.”

    T.B. (Father), Therapist: Kate Pearce
    “We had been to court, spent a fortune and still disagreed about what we thought our orders meant. Co-parenting coaching taught us how to find a way to parent despite the emotions – I wish we had done this earlier.”
    R.W. (Parent), Therapist: Kate Pearce
    “Kate did extremely well, she ran the meeting respectfully and fairly. I felt heard.”
    J.B. (Mother), Therapist: Kate Pearce
    “The work I have been doing with Deb for the past few months has shifted more things for me than any of the talking therapies i have done. She has a beautiful mix of professionalism, attunement and warmth and has so much strength in holding a truly healing space . The gift of being heard and held and seen is immeasurable in my healing journey and i am incredibly grateful. Thank you so much Deb.”
    Therapist: Deb Manoy
    “I immediately felt safe and held by Deb’s warmth and professional presence. Not only did her sessions help me with what was arising at that time in a gentle and fluid way, they also taught me incredibly valuable tools in being able to then go on to hold myself. I cannot recommend Deb and her work enough.”
    Therapist: Deb Manoy
    “Words feel limited to express my gratitude and fortune in having you be such an integral part of my growth and experience of new possibilities…….With your strength, grace, wisdom, courage and beauty, I have gained a sense of safeness and belonging back into the world. You gently reminded me that I can open my eyes and my heart to know that I can once again be the person I wanted to be as a child, free and able to be strong. Thankyou”
    Therapist: Joanne Walker
    ‘We are a gay male couple and found that Tondi held our issues, and past trauma associated with our sexuality, with the utmost sensitivity and care. We are very grateful for our sessions with her.”
    Therapist: Tondi Gilfillan
    “ We found Tondi to be highly skilled and knowledgeable preparing our relationship for the birth of our baby in a few months.”
    Therapist: Tondi Gilfillan