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Come join us for this 2 & 1/2 day nature immersion workshop in Kunghur, northern NSW.

The Wild Ways workshop is designed to enhance and deepen your relationship with nature in a way that’s meaningful for you. All sorts of possibilities are available in this mutually enhancing relationship.

This workshop is an opportunity to soften and lean into the living world, to drop into what can possibly be your deepest and most fulfilling relationship in this life. Here lies an opportunity to be, simply be, with the creatures and the elements of the vibrant and rich natural environment of northern NSW.

Learn to listen with your whole body. Let yourself slow down enough to feel the pulse of your instincts and intuition. Experience your place as part of every living thing.

This workshop is being led by Mairéad Cleary and Lisa Toman.
About Mairéad
Mairéad is passionate about creating physical and emotional environments of safety. Having a container that holds your experience gives you the freedom to explore whatever comes up as you embark on your own solo journey to the heart of your relationship with Nature. And any range of feelings can come up as we turn towards this relationship – grief, joy, fear, excitement, despair, devotion.
About Lisa
Lisa lives to connect with the wild wisdom of the Earth. She has lots of experience in providing a container for you to explore, grow and be in relationship with the natural world and all its wonder. Lisa wants to support you to embark on a love affair that is uncontained and alive, a relationship that will move you, inform you and call you back into life in unexpected and surprising ways. As you turn toward this relationship you are witnessed and enlivened, awakening to the possibilities and potential held in a mutually enhancing relationship with the living Earth.


Link for more info: https://maireadcleary.com/wild-ways

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