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This training is a combination of the modalities Monique Pangari has been teaching in different certified training courses over the past 12 years. It is an integration of Expressive Therapies, Sand Therapy, Attachment Therapy and Somatic Therapy into one, 8 month certified training course called Somatic Attachment Focused Expressive Therapies® (SAFE-T®). This will be an amazing opportunity to really dive deeply into the Expressive Therapy modalities, including Sand Therapy, Symbol Work, Clay Work, Journal Writing, Emotion Focused Processing, Somatic Attunement, Movement, Bioengergetics, and so much more. Additional learning will include studies on Relational Trauma and Attachment and how these inform and impact our roles working with children and adults. There will be a literature review and a case study required for trainees to complete, and you’ll have 6 months to get those completed, along with a self reflection to complete at the end of each workshop.

SAFE-T® will be an unforgettable path that will take you deep into your own attachment system, you’ll connect with others in the group in profound and life changing ways and your ability to show up in new and creative ways with your clients will enhance therapeutic engagement.

Somatic Attachment Focused Expressive Therapies® (SAFE-T®) are a range of modalities that can enhance profound Attachment System Repair.

You will Learn to:

– Identify attachment styles
– Use appropriate language that will help you attune quickly to your client’s nervous system
– Help clients identify secure base and safe haven gaps
– Support clients to find and grow internal and external resources
– Use ritual and rhythm in the counselling session to create safety
– Learn ‘corrective experiences’ necessary for secure functioning
– Introduce processes to support emotion regulation
– Use a range of expressive modalities to support your client’s learning style
– Increase your clients self awareness and emotional intelligence
– Increase your capacity for presence, holding space and ‘being with’ each client
– Understand the neuroscience behind why both somatic and expressive modalities are at the forefront of integrating trauma.


​In six, 3-day workshops over eight months, you will learn the core principles that underlie the SAFE-T ® approach to integrating trauma and developing attachment repair, whilst also learning how to use a large range of Expressive Therapy modalities.


SAFE-T® is a multi-modal approach to integrating trauma and to enhancing profound Attachment system repair. It is based on the principle that attachment security or insecurity has physiological, as well as psychological, symptoms. As these symptoms are mostly unconscious, using words or insight does not give us adequate access. We need to work at a level below language, essentially with a different part of the brain.

That part is the right brain where the limbic system holds visceral, emotional and implicit memory. It is there that our earliest sense of ourselves, and in relation to others, is formed. Without accessing this, we are working with only a linguistic representation, frequently distorted, of those formative experiences that provide our relationship blueprint and unconsciously guide us through our relationship to ourselves and others.

SAFE-T® uses a combination of the felt sense, interoception, Sand Therapy and a range of other expressive modalities to access this vital part of the brain and bridge new neural pathways to an explicit expression of Self and often a new narrative to live by.

Attachment work is the key to SAFE-T®. We use somatic skills, creative modalities and important principles to support our client’s growing sense of safety, trust, self-knowledge; ability to take risks, manage disappointments and rejections; and development of a deeply-held internal sense that a protecting, wise, and attuned someone lives inside of them, guiding them and keeping them safe while enhancing the capacity for joy.

Throughout SAFE-T® is a constant theme of compassion and kindness and, within that, love. It is our capacity to love from our own accessed secure attachment while in session with clients that creates the fertile soil for transformation, both of our clients and of ourselves.

Note: SAFE-T® is a synthesis of my trainings, study and experiences. Key influences are Dynamic Attachment Repatterning Experience; Circle of Security; Somatic Experiencing; Emotion Focused Therapy for Couples; Expressive Therapies and Sandplay Therapy.


  • Counselling & Welfare Professionals who are passionate about therapeutically & creatively guiding their clients and themselves toward greater security internally and in their personal relationships.
  • Graduates who have completed all of the requirements will be awarded certification in this accredited training.
  • Individuals, without counselling qualifications, who are interested in both gaining counselling skills, training and qualifications as well as understanding the fundamental concepts of attachment and interested in an exploration of their own attachment style are also welcome to attend.
  • This training course is accredited for OPD points by the Australian Counselling Association (ACA) and the Australian Association for Social Workers (AASW).

Fri – 10am – 6pm
Sat | Sun – 9am – 5pm​

19 – 21 February
9 – 11 April
21 – 23 May
2 – 4 July
13 – 15 August
17 – 19 September


~ Upfront EarlyBird Discount – payment by 22 January, 2021 – $4,500
~ $830 per workshop = $5, 000 for full certificate.
~ Scholarships available for Indigenous & Queer Therapists.
~ Deposit of $1000 followed by 8 monthly payments of $500, or other payment plans are available.
~ Includes a comprehensive manual.
~ Accommodation, meals and travel are not included.

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