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Gestalt Group Process is a facilitated, relational group process that attends to what emerges for individuals, between individuals and for the group as a whole.

It is a rich and connecting experience which participants get to practice being present, vulnerable and authentic in the moment to moment encounter with each other. Your facilitator, Kat Barker, holds space and welcomes difference and complexity to emerge, whilst encouraging group members to interact with one another. It is an opportunity to explore a multitude of topics related to the human experience and practice co-regulation together. The gestalt group is seen as a microcosm of the macrocosm of the greater societal and community of which we are all a part of. The idea of Gestalt group process is that when one makes ‘contact’ within a group, there are many more opportunities for awareness, to observe behaviours and to explore new ways of relating. The groups are kept to a small number to create a balance of safety and discomfort to get the most out of the work.

Kat Barker works from a theoretical base which combines group dynamics and the Gestalt therapy pillars: relational approach, phenomenology, field theory and experimental approach.

When: All classes are on Monday from 6.00pm – 8pm

About the facilitator: Kat Barker has a Masters of Gestalt therapy and is passionate about the power of Gestalt group work. She has been facilitating group breathwork sessions for 5 years. She has a passion for self-awareness, creativity, regenerative action, vulnerability as a strength, nervous system regulation and the body’s wisdom, and the interdependence of human connection, life, and earth. She is an artist and singer who is often found dancing and creating in her spare time. She has been teaching and facilitating across these realms for over 15 years.

Cost: First class $10. Thereafter $35

Tickets: Tickets can be purchased by following the link on this page

Taster OpportunityTry before you buy!  Kat is running a taster evening on Mon 3rd May 6-8 pm for anyone interested in experiencing the gestalt group process.  Please note the start time is arrival time allowing settle in time and to to make a cup of tea, then we start at group 15 mins after start time.

Contact: For more information feel free to contact Kat Barker on Ph: 0405 457 419 ~ www.katbarker.com.au ~ email: katjbarker@gmail.com

Contraindications: Please do not drink alcohol or take any mind-altering substances prior to attending this session. Ensure you are well hydrated, well-rested, and have eaten before arriving. Please consult your doctor if you are pregnant, have asthma, heart conditions, epilepsy, or any other health conditions that concern you.

We adhere to all COVID-19 laws and guidelines as does the Thrive Clinic.

Special Parenting Group:

There is also a Thursday gestalt group running during school term making it available for parents or people who are self employed.  Venue is to be confirmed. 29th April-17th June ~ 9.30am – 11.30am.  Contact Kat for more information.