Hi, I’m Shaeh Korman,

I am a mother of three, partner to my husband for over 10 years, and have engaged in a career supporting people’s growth and care for the last 23 years in various community roles.

My family and I moved to the northern rivers area 4 years ago, where I have been practicing as a private therapist since.

About Shaeh:

I am trained in transpersonal counselling, substance use support, spiritual counselling modalities, and am currently completing a masters in psychotherapy and counselling. My work is trauma informed and draws from contemporary models of psychotherapy. I am registered with ACA, ensuring a national standard of practice.

When working with me, I aim to hold a space of deep listening as we explore the inner world from a place of curious observation, walking alongside to support your personal meaning making. I am interested in your values, and beliefs, and how these can support your journey at this time.

Building a therapeutic relationship is very important to me, so I trust in your lead regarding the pace and direction that our sessions will go. Sessions can therefore be quite varied as I lean into a number of therapeutic tools and modalities that support a transpersonal exploration; meaning to consider the realm of the subconscious or even spiritual aspects or parts of ourselves that may be contributing to current life circumstance. As we gently tend to the parts within, we gain empowerment over the interrelationship of those inner parts by building the muscle of awareness and tending to them accordingly. I enjoy working with mindfulness techniques, art therapy, guided visualisation, and focusing, to support a greater capacity to ‘be with’ whatever is arising.

I have extensive practise in supporting people with experiences of trauma, anxiety, grief and loss, depression, and substance use, as well as assisting people in understanding deep immersive experiences including spiritual awakening journeys and psychedelic assisted therapies. I am passionate about supporting the integration of this work; integration meaning how people can best weave personal insights and new understandings into their daily lives and continue the individual work after immersive journeys. I aim to explore personal understanding and relationship with these unique experiences to foster greater sense of meaning and therapeutic outcomes.

In am currently at Thrive on Wednesdays and casually. Please reach out if I can help you

Contact Shaeh

phone 0406 360 598
website www.sacredgardencounselling.com.au

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Session Fee’s

All session fees: $140

What Clients Say

“Shaeh helped me immensely to get back in touch with parts of myself I had disassociated from and been fearful to see, which enabled me to have more compassion towards myself. I always felt so safe and held with Shaeh like I could express anything”

“Shaeh has such a kind heart and I really felt that in each session. I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking assistance in uncovering your shadowy parts”

“Shaeh has helped me through a difficult period of my life, and I am starting to feel alive again.  I know this is partly to do with the wonderful therapy i have received from her”

“I have found Shaeh creates such a comfortable space for me to talk about my past events and to hold that space for me.  She’s an amazing listener and I can’t recommend her enough”