Hi, I’m Rachael,

I’m a Somatic Experiencing®/NeuroAffective Touch® Practitioner, Gestalt therapist and Mindful Leadership Coach specialising in relational attachment dynamics, early developmental/shock trauma and empowered relating.

Often our deepest wounds are felt but with no understanding or resolution. At these times words are often not enough, hard to access or get in the way. I offer a nuanced relational approach to supporting and healing what’s underneath our words; guiding clients to come home to their bodies and their innate capacity of living well.

About Rachael:

For over 25 years I have gratefully supported people to flourish personally and in relationship. Initially working in organisational environments and now as a psychotherapist/leadership coach in private practice, I have learnt that we are fundamentally self-organising, self-regulating and self-healing. However, when the natural flow of belonging and connectedness withers, is too much, or becomes unattainable, we find ourselves alienated from ourselves and life, and cut off from connection, aliveness and creativity.

In my own healing journey, my body consistently strived to realign my mind from early lost loving connection. My heart was well hidden behind protective walls that covered painful rejection and isolation. It wasn’t until much later that I discovered beliefs about myself, and others were the result of incomplete responses and disconnection. Thereafter real healing started.

Today I bring extensive training, experience, and personal development to my practice in supporting clients to restore their sense of wholeness and well-being. My qualifications include: a Masters in Gestalt Therapy (MGest), Somatic Experiencing Practitioner (SEP), NeuroAffective Touch Certificate, Enneagram personality certification, Professional Certified Coach (PCC) and Bachelor of Arts majoring in Psychology. I also bring years of personal development training in modern depth psychology. Whilst I work predominantly as a professionally registered psychotherapist (PACFA), I am also a Mindful Leadership and Career Coach and lead workshops on Psychological Safety, Emotional Culture, and the Enneagram of personality.

My passion is supporting clients to make space from their busy minds, to connect with their hearts, emotions and self-compassion. The language of the heart in collaboration with the knowledge of the mind are at the centre of our relationships and internal dialogues. Touch is an important portal.

The therapeutic use of touch can support a person to move out of self-judgement and self-rejection towards heart centered self-acceptance. Developing our internal relational skills support our external relational skills. Touch supports the capacity to mindfully witness sensations without fear, thus opening the way to restore the flow of life force.

As an appreciator of nature supporting connection, I’m also open to sessions outdoors in the Brunswick Heads and Mullumbimby areas. Please reach out to discuss.

Wherever you are, I welcome you to reach out for a conversation to discuss your needs.

Contact Rachael

phone 0419 522 140
website www.conversationsthatmatter.com.au

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Session Fee’s

Individuals: $140

Contact Rachael for leadership coaching and organisation team/group facilitation fees.

What Clients Say

Rachael’s substitution of the stock psychologist’s question, ‘how does that make you feel?’ with ‘where does that make you feel?’ has made all the difference in the world to how I’m now able to approach thinking about myself, my emotions and my embodied experiences. There’s more to it than just that question, of course, and Rachael’s empathetic and astute recognitions and guidance have allowed me not only a fuller understanding of how to be in the world but also the ability to listen to what my body tells me about who I am.


Rachael’s table work has helped me slow down enough to be able to start to feel where my feelings of anxiety are held in my body. Rachael’s soothing hand and gentle questions taught me how to attend to the wisdom of my body in managing my stress and anxiety. Since working with Rachael my sense of well-being and feeling grounded in my body has grown, as has my capacity to self soothe when faced with difficult life situations.


I am so grateful for my ‘touch’ table sessions with Rachael as they offered me a safe and direct gateway into releasing traumatic memories stored in the body that transformed how I feel day-to-day. Under her expert guidance, I was able to access feelings and experiences that would otherwise be difficult to connect to using more traditional ‘talk’ therapies. Rachael’s approach is skilful and sensitive ~ she made me feel at ease straight away. Needless to say, I highly recommend her work.

Rachael is an amazing Leadership Coach. I had the privilege of working closely with her for over three years. Rachael’s guidance was not just instrumental in equipping me with the skills, capabilities, and confidence necessary to transition careers successfully, but it also sparked profound personal growth within me. Her adept use of diverse coaching techniques tailored to my specific needs ensured that our sessions were consistently productive and insightful. Rachael’s unwavering support and expert guidance not only facilitated my professional growth but also instilled in me the courage to pursue and achieve my career aspirations. I am deeply grateful for her invaluable contributions to my journey and wholeheartedly recommend her as a coach to anyone seeking transformative personal and professional development.