Hi, I’m Pedro,

I specialise in trauma, relationships, men’s work, life transitions, integrated spirituality, world grief..

I am an industry accredited psychotherapist with 20 years experience as a therapist. I have been in private practice  for the last 12 years and I worked for community and families through NSW Health and NonGov Organizations for 15 yrs.

I live on an off-grid community with my 2 children under 10 and garden as much as possible.

About Pedro:

BA (Religious Studies) Grad Dip Counselling, Grad Dip Adult Education, Cert Somatic Psychotherapy (200hrs), Dip Shiatsu, Masters Gestalt Therapy. PACFA Reg.

I came to Australia at the age of 9 yrs and this arrival initiated a life-long question for me: where is ‘home’? I have adventured through life immersing myself in many therapeutic worlds, practices and different spiritual traditions in search for pathways home. These days my interest in supporting people towards coming home involves integrating a focus on trauma healing, cultivation of emotional intelligence, embodied aliveness, healthy relationships and attachments to community, and transpersonal/eco/spiritual resourcing. I run retreats and workshops nationally which bring this work into a longer and deeper therapeutic experience.

Working with me involves attuning ourselves to the here and now in the therapy space, being mindful towards what wants to speak within you and through you, those parts that struggle to find a voice amidst historical hurt and challenging life situations.

I am interested in the therapeutic relationship between us, bringing awareness to how your organize yourself somatically and emotionally in relationship to me and to the therapeutic space. And I am interested in how our relationship may mirror how you are in other relationships.

I have an interest in working with trauma and character defining wounds. Uncovering and healing these wounds requires slow and patient befriending of our emotional life and our embodied world (how we are in our body and nervous system) while raising awareness of how we are in our relationships.

I am also interested in the particular life situation you find yourself in; how it supports and doesn’t support you. What narratives you find yourself enmeshed in, the power structures that your life is colonized by, how well are you able to voice your needs and embody your truth in these situations; whether at work, in your relationship and other community spaces?

Working with couples some of the issues I am interested include your communication styles and how you negotiate difference in your relationship. I am interested in your individual unmet needs (how aware are you of them, how well you do voice them?) and what power struggles exist in your relationship. I am interested in what injuries have occurred between you and what is in the past that stops you from moving forward.

I also have a strong interest in ultimate values, what gives people ultimate meaning, and what experiences and practices support this. I am interested in issues of spiritual bypassing, whether your spiritual practices and beliefs ultimately support all of you and if they bypass your emotional, embodied and relational life. I am also interested in spiritual emergence, how certain experiences may open you up to broader spaces of awareness/connection and how to fully integrate these into your life.  I am also interested eco-psychology and your relationship to the natural world and how this may influence your well being.

As part of this transpersonal work I am interested in the current climate crisis and the increasingly rapid changes to our worlds. I believe that the world is in peril ecologically and culturally. I am interested in issues of ‘world grief’ how you may be impacted by these broader themes.

Looking forward to working with you.

Contact Pedro

phone 0402 632 541
website www.pcampiao.com

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    Session Fee’s

    Individuals: $120

    Couples: $140

    Workcover Number: 10390

    What Clients Say

    “Words feel limited to express my gratitude and fortune in having you be such an integral part of my growth and experience of new possibilities…….With your strength, grace, wisdom, courage and beauty, I have gained a sense of safeness and belonging back into the world. You gently reminded me that I can open my eyes and my heart to know that I can once again be the person I wanted to be as a child, free and able to be strong. Thankyou”