Hi, I’m Paul Mitchell,

I’m an industry-accredited psychotherapist, a mentor, a facilitator, and a performing artist. I love connecting with people.

About Paul:

My approach is holistic in nature and based on Process Work principles. Each session looks different, depending on you. We can talk, be silent, role play, draw, dance, scream, laugh or cry. We always learn something.

Sometimes we experience a sense of stuckness in life and things can seem as though they are on a loop. We are bothered by inner resistance, doubt, restlessness, or anxiety. There may be challenges showing in our relationships, work, and physical wellness.  These symptoms could be signaling that something is emerging, something quite useful. It’s entirely possible that this is an invitation to grow, to learn, to change. I will support you to explore what is happening in a safe and meaningful way.

I hold a diploma in Process-Oriented Psychotherapy and Holistic Counseling, a bachelor of science in coaching, and am trained in a trauma-informed modality called Depth Enquiry. My areas of expertise (and topics I enjoy working with) include but are not limited to: relationship issues; internalised oppression; inner and outer conflicts; addictive behaviors, and personal development.

I bring with me a commitment to my own development, research, learning, and ongoing education and training. I carry a deep reverence for life, death, and forces that move us. I  hold the firm belief that our outer and inner worlds are inseparable and when we work with one aspect in a useful way it directly benefits the other.  I bring a curious mind and a willingness to travel with you to help facilitate your own healing.

I am currently at Thrive on Fridays or by arrangement on other times. If you would like to arrange a session or have any questions feel free to reach out.

Contact Paul

phone 0422 595 617‬
website www.paulcolinmitchell.com

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Session Fee’s

Session fees: 

Individuals $120 per 60 min

Couples $150 per 60 min

What Clients Say

“I found my psychotherapy sessions with Paul really healing and beneficial.  I have experienced a variety of counselling techniques, and I found the sessions really refreshing and cathartic.  The approach had a profound affect on me. “


“I found Paul to be professional, attentive, gentle, fun, and really present.  I found at complete ease with Paul, and felt like he genuinely wanted to help me through my emotions.  I felt very safe and comfortable to open up and express my emotions, and totally trusted his confidentiality.  He also made me laugh, which was also very healing.  I am very grateful.  Thank you Paul.  I look forward to doing more work with you. 


“Paul made me feel really comfortable during our work together, and I was able to open up.  I am a very physical person, and it felt great to use movement as part of the therapy too.  The combination of telling my story and talking to Paul, as well as movement, and role pay worked well for me”