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Welcome, I’m Oni Blecher

I have traversed many realms of the bodymind. Having practiced the healing arts within the modalities of visionary craniosacral work, Mayan abdominal massage, myofascial release and urogenital osteopathy

Having studied midwifery, Oni has assisted many women in the antenatal, birth and postnatal periods. She has also facilitated regular postnatal support groups, yoni steaming and other female health related education.

Oni currently works on the development team for Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond Media; a media channel focussed on maternity health choices; contemporary conversations where Stories, Science, Traditions and New Ideas meet to Inform and Inspire people to re think the relationship between birth and society.

She has completed a masters degree with a research focus of Australian masculinities and male mental health with a Creative Industries perspective. Oni is invested in the vision of uniting the healthy feminine and the healthy masculine through shifting social perspective. This includes being a female advocate for male mental health and healthy fatherhood.

Oni’s  diverse experience and education in literature, creative writing, creative arts and photojournalism leads into an offering of embodied speaking, writing and communication mentoring. Currently, Oni runs The Temple of Words; , a monthly poetry gathering in Byron Bay, Sydney and coming soon to Melbourne. Oni writes poetry prolifically and is passionate about connecting the intuitive body with confident and self assured vocal expression.


Transpersonal Body Work and nervous system harmony:

Oni believes that a balanced body in homeostasis allows for healthy holistic expression in all meanings of wellbeing. Through her extensive experience with hands on bodywork, Oni works with her clients by listening to the body and uses her skills to facilitate and create balance through nervous system release and integration. Oni offers body work sessions the following modalities.

  • Visionary craniosacral work through ‘Milne Institute: All Levels 1- 7
  • Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy: Self care, Professional care, and Advanced Pregnancy training
  • Myofascial Release through Core Body Therapy: Fundamentals of Myofascial release
  • Urogenital Osteopathy for midwives with Osteopath Nathalie LeJeune

One on One speaking and writing mentor sessions:

With her background in writing, speaking and integrative body work, Oni seeks to unite the body and the mind in order to speak clearly without compromising the self through stress provoking thought processes or bodily habits.

Whether it is a business pitch, a difficult email, sentence structure advice or delivery for a speech or presentation, Oni will use her diverse background to arrive at the best result for your public speaking and writing support through a refining process. It is important to know that this is a cooperative mentorship that involves working together. There is no knowledge hierarchy or dictation, rather a symbiotic co creation that empowers an individual to communicate with integrity by reminding the client of their own knowledge and unique intelligence.


Having attended many births, including antenatal and postnatal care, Oni includes doula services as part of her care. Oni is passionate about supporting the pregnancy, birthing, and postnatal process. This support includes emotional support, optional bodywork (for both parents and baby), education, and postnatal support and transition assistance. Oni caters her doula services for each birthing woman / person’s / couples / families unique needs.

“Mothering the Mother” is important for a positive birth outcome. With her experience and research into male mental health and intergenerational healing, Oni is passionate about inclusivity of fathers and birthing partners to create positive pregnancy, birth and postnatal experiences for couples as they transition into parenthood. Oni also works closely with a nutritionist and has optional antental and postnatal nutrition education add ons. Oni offers three packages for doula support. These packages vary in services and therefore price. If you would like to create your own package, this is also an option.

Craniosacral work for babies and children

“Through my experiences in birth work and maternity care advocacy, I have deep and keen interest and knowledge around the pregnancy, birth and postnatal periods and this extends into my body work practice.  One of my greatest honours is when I am working with babies and children. Generally, because these small beings have not been heavily socially conditioned, working with their body’s intelligence is astounding, particularly when seeing their capacity for deep and easy integration of the pregnancy, birth and post-birth experience and other transformations that will extend into the rest of their lives”.

Our conception, birth and post-birth experiences have huge and ongoing impacts in all of our lives. This impact can present physically, spiritually, emotionally or mentally; often a mixture of all of these realms. Craniosacral teacher Hugh Milne often says that fifty percent of what comes up on the table during a craniosacral session is from the birth matrix. The cranium, the sacrum, the spine, and the spinal cord are rich and mysterious physical structures that often hold birth memory and psychospiritual resonance. No matter what kind of pregnancy or birth eventuated, this time is intense and always needs support for integration and recalibration. In our western society, many of us do not have surrounding cultural and spiritual networks that offer practices and ceremonies to assist with this integration. Craniosacral work has potent harmonious and homeostatic possibility for every person, though its subtleties and deep gentle listening make it a particularly helpful modality for babies and children.

Oni usually likes to see babies and children via home visits. She believes in caring greatly for the nervous system of a whole family and that this care feeds out into our communities. If a mother, father, or parent and their baby or child is relaxed and in a familiar and safe environment in conjunction with parent/s available for comfort, movement, and reassurance, the outcome of a session is enhanced as is the opportunity for deeper integration.

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