Hi, I’m Mairéad,

I’m aware that looking for a therapist can be vulnerable. Because reaching a point where we realise we need help can be vulnerable.  For that reason, it’s important for me that you feel held in whatever you’re facing in yourself.

I like to create physical and psychological environments of safety so that you can relax. I’ve clearly seen that when people feel safe and relaxed, then deep exploration and change can happen

About Mairéad:

I’m a psychotherapist, eco-enthusiast, long distance hiker and author. A twin passion for therapy and nature has guided my life and work for over 20 years. And I’ve found that my relationship with change has been strongly influenced by my relationship with nature.

As a result, I find myself interested in your unique relationship with change. And I find change that supports nature and our collective mental health inspiring.

Likewise, the whole picture you carry with you always intrigues me. We can’t really separate one part of our body from the rest. In the same way we can’t separate ourselves out from the systems that we live as part of. These can be our physical, ecological, relational or support systems.

My experience has shown me that we thrive when we get the right support. I’ve worked with people like you from all walks of life. And I’ve seen time and again that kindness, care and support will always carry someone through.

As a gestalt therapist and Path Retreats group facilitator I use a blend of tools in the work we do together. For instance, we work very much in the present moment, rather than in the past or the future. We also work somatically with the body to build a base of strength so that you can deal with life from a grounded place.

I don’t see distress that as a sign of dysfunction or incompetence. I see it instead as a sign that some part of you needs attention. This is why my work focuses on supporting you to build your strength and ground to face those parts. And for me, there’s no greater privilege than to sit with someone in the pain, or the silence, or the joy of that process.

Next steps…

Request a free, no-obligation consult. This is a 20-minute chat where you ask any questions you have and we can get a sense of whether we’ll be a good fit for each other.

Please choose a consult time through my website. Or feel free to text me to schedule a free consult.

Contact Mairéad

phone 0450 458 169
website www.maireadcleary.com

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    Session Fee’s

    Individuals: $110 per hour or $150 for 1.5 Hours

    What Clients Say

    “What I love about working with Mairead is her ability to help me with whatever’s going on. That might be something painful and emotional one day and something practical and functional the next. I really appreciate how she can pivot her skills to what I need at that point in my life.”


    “Mairead’s manner is very calming and soothing. I can arrive in chaos and leave feeling grounded and centred.”


    “I’m surprised by how much change I’ve seen in myself since working with Mairead. I think a lot of that is down to how accepting she is of whatever is happening. She’s taught me to accept myself more and to accept where I am in my life. That’s made things way more relaxing.”