Thrive Clinic Mullumbimby Practitioner Deb Manoy

Welcome and hi, I’m Deb.

I am passionate about working with individuals and couples exploring how to create healthy relationships, healthy sexuality and trauma repair and healing.

About Deb:

I have always been drawn to nature and the interconnectedness of things. In my work, as in my life, I deeply honour the complexity of our shared human fragility and how we show up in the world. I have a deep reverence for the fragility of being human, and belief in our capacity to move towards a healing experience.

For the past 27 years, I have been working in the field of healing and holistic health. I have a Masters in Gestalt and am a Hakomi graduate. In addition, I have a BA, Diploma in Naturopathy and Herbal Medicine, graduated from Cranio Sacral therapy training and have spent 25 years teaching Yoga, Meditation and Mindfulness. I have also completed intensive training in working with trauma. My work intrinsically weaves together all my modalities and life experiences in a gentle, empathic and caring tapestry.

My sessions working with individuals are somatic based, mindful, collaborative, respectful and kind. We work towards facilitating more resilience, authenticity and emotional regulation. We will explore your inner/external strengths and resources (and develop new ones), and how you can nourish and regulate yourself emotionally. I deeply revere the therapeutic relationship and have no desire to “fix” you. I incorporate my trauma training where necessary in the sessions with compassion and the gentle cradling that is necessary.

Working with couples is an intimate and tender process. We will look at how to emphasise the strengths and resources that already exist between two of you. We will gently enquire into how you get hurt, how you protect yourself, how you express your vulnerability and how is it heard? What is the glue that holds you together? I blend many skills together including evidence based therapies like Hakomi, Gestalt, neuroscience, attachment theory, mindfulness and I also draw on the work of Esther Perel, Terry Real, Rob Fisher and Dan Wile. This work is both subtle and powerful and I completely trust in the process.

At my private practice in Mullumbimby I offer therapy sessions for individuals and couples, infusing Hakomi, Gestalt and trauma informed psychotherapy (based on the work of Janina Fisher, Pat ogden, Manuela Mischke-Reeds and John Briere). Each session is specifically tailored for the individual or couple I am available for Zoom sessions. I also offer Cranio Sacral therapy sessions. I am a certified member of Pacfa.

Some issues I work with:Anxiety and Depression

  • Grief and loss
  • Trauma related issues
  • Early childhood attachment trauma
  • Life challenges and stress
  • Low self esteem, Poor body image
  • Creating healthy boundaries
  • Relationship and marital issues
  • Communication skills for a healthy relationship
  • Grief and trauma related to the environmental crisis
Contact Deb

phone 0400 811 155

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    Session Fee’s

    Individuals: $120
    Couples: $160

    Concession rates are available, please phone or email deb to discuss

    What Clients Say

    “The work I have been doing with Deb for the past few months has shifted more things for me than any of the talking therapies i have done. She has a beautiful mix of professionalism, attunement and warmth and has so much strength in holding a truly healing space . The gift of being heard and held and seen is immeasurable in my healing journey and i am incredibly grateful. Thank you so much Deb.”

    “I immediately felt safe and held by Deb’s warmth and professional presence. Not only did her sessions help me with what was arising at that time in a gentle and fluid way, they also taught me incredibly valuable tools in being able to then go on to hold myself. I cannot recommend Deb and her work enough.”

    “My sessions with Deb were deeply transformational. She holds a heartfelt and nurturing space. I felt very safe and held to go into great depths inside myself, where deep healing could occur. She is insightful and incredibly skilled at holding space and guiding clients into the body, to connect with the deepest  truths and patterns. I learnt so much about myself through our sessions. Her work is a gift and I highly recommend her.

    “At all my sessions with Deb, she held a safe and supportive space for me to express my fears, emotions and feelings and where I hold these in my body. She helped me to understand more about myself- my actions and reactions, and come to a place of trust and ease with myself.”

    “The work I did with Deb was profoundly transformative and healing. With her ability to hold space in such a gentle way, I was able to feel safe and address parts of myself that weren’t easy to address. I am very grateful for the opportunity to work with Deb, Thankyou!”